Kenya school of adventure and leadership

Kenya school of adventure and leadership (Kesal) is a public outdoor training center established in 1990. Kesal has been offering unique and a high impact experiential-based training solutions since then Being the only public experiential based center in Kenya, Kesal is gradually but consistently establishing herself as the institution of choice both in government and the private sector With attention to detail, quality work.. Click to read more

2014 Activities

Our activities are devised with a consequence in mind. Groups are placed in situations which are challenging, where group co-operation is required and where leadership qualities can come to the fore,Participants are deliberately encouraged to take part ....

Kesal-2014 Programmes

We have various programmes that suite different groups , individuals and institutions , someĀ  of the programmes are ; Team building,
Leadership Development , Senior Management, Environmental Awareness,Disaster Management.....

Kesal Calendar of Events

Kenya school of adventure and leadership (KESAL) invites you to one of a kind, most exciting and exhilarating sporting event of the year Mt Kenya extreme sports challenge 2014, Some of the events include ;Adventure packed team challenge,Treasure hunt ...

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