Kesal Overview

This is an outdoor Experiential Education centre at Mt. Kenya. KESAL uses heuristic approach to learning i.e. self-discovery and actualization, and focuses on short but intensive training for responsible leadership and good citizenship, hence our Motto “CONQUER THYSELF TO LEAD".

It offers experience of new surroundings, new faces and new activities to enhance learning.  KESAL offers an opportunity of learning about ones’ self and one’s relationship with others and challenges not only the body by the hills, mountain and the jungle, but also mental, emotional and social, overcoming one’s doubts and fears and the social dynamics of living and working with a diverse group of people.

It must be stressed that the aims of the courses are not solely designed for the physical experience they give, but the important thing is the student’s reaction to the challenges put before him.

Kesal Background

The need to establish an Outdoor Education Centre in Mt. Kenya was identified in 1986.  When Tanzania National Park insisted that all Kenyans be treated as foreigners when climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro.  This made the exercise both expensive and logistically demanding, due to the distance and border bureaucracy.

The leading government institutions that required the services of an Outdoor Experiential Education Centre requested the government to start one at Mt. Kenya, which is centrally placed, and equally challenging.

The establishment of the school was left to the Office of the President.  The committee received contributions from various departments, which enabled it to establish the school in 1991.

Our Objective

Our Objective

Kenya School of Adventure and Leadership, KESAL aims to:

  • Provide training (through Experiential Learning) in leadership development, personality development and environmental awareness;
  • Provide training, research and consultancy in collaboration with other institutions of learning for human resource development; and ,
  • Offer leisure and recreation through Adventure.

Kesal Courses

Functional Leadership Development Syllabus
Kenya School of Adventure & Leadership (KESAL) specializes in the field of personal growth an
General Adventures
For organized groups Duration: 5 - 6 days  
Environmental Awareness
Minimum impact expedition behavior This course is ideal for university students in Outdoor pursui
Standard Adventure
This course is ideal for students. BENEFITS -  Outdoor life experience -  Character building
Team Building
This course is ideal for  corporate and organized groups Duration: 2 – 3 days Benefits of thi
Leadership Development
This course is ideal for Middle Level Managers and Middle level Disciplined Officers  in command

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